The Lavish Lounge Set 1 or 2 is included in your full session!

The Lavish Lounge 1


The Lavish Lounge set 1 is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. With this set, the victorian couch is the centerpiece of the room. The fireplace adds warmth and coziness to the space, while the dark green walls provide a rich moody backdrop.

The Lavish Lounge 2


The Lavish Lounge set 2 is perfect for those looking for a warm and moody feel. Lush greenery is positioned near the fireplace creating a fresh feel. Unlike set 1, the fireplace is the focal point of the room with set 2.

Radiant Relfections


The Radiant Reflections set features a beautiful full length mirror and lush greenery. This set is perfect for those looking to show off a little tushy!

Moody Blooms


The Moody Blooms set features a stunning floral backdrop and a pink victorian chair. This set is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of contrast and want to create a unique timeless feel.

Sheer Escapes


The Sheer Escapes set features a warm white curtain as the main prop. This set is perfect for those who love the look of simplicity and clean images.

Coming Clean

$200 Add-on

The Coming Clean set is a shower set featuring a high contrast aesthetic. This is mainly body closeups and enhances shadows and texture of the skin and water droplets.

Golden Dreams

$200 Add-On

The Golden Dreams set features high quality golden silk bed sheets, adding glamour and elegance to the space.

The Majestic Woods

Optional - summer only!

The Majestic Woods is its own separate experience. This can be booked as a full session only. This set features thick luscious woods, a vast field, and a tranquil creek. This is perfect for those who enjoy embracing the outdoors and nature!